We've created Litmind with a lot of enthusiasm, we love what we do and we love creative people working to contribute interesting things to the world. We try to do things right, and when someone speaks well of us our day gets a little brighter. We're committed to improvement, we are listening your suggestions and we're always here to help you. Litmind is made with a lot of love and fun, because it wouldn't make sense to do it otherwise.

Litmind and the open source

At Litmind we've been developing software for a long time, and we've released many of the tools we've created as open source so they can be used by others.

For example, Cherrycake is the high-performance PHP engine we've created based, amongst others, in the knowledge we've acquired while creating Litmind.

We've also released jQuery Mosaic, the open source library we use to show most of the beautiful photo mosaics at Litmind, and Emailqueue, the email queueing management software we use at Litmind to send emails to our users.

Learn more about the creators of Litmind:

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Bug hunters program

We've created a bug hunters program that allows us to improve and secure Litmind thanks to the reports we get from passionate security experts.

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